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November 8th, 2016

A Damp Expert’s Responsibility

As a damp professional you will have many responsibilities, from identifying common household problems to treating them. Your role is extremely important in today’s world, as millions of people are experiencing damp and mould in the UK each year.

Here are some of the responsibilities of a damp expert.

Identify the problem

When a customer hires you, you will be expected to identify whether it is damp, mould or condensation affecting the property. There are several different types of damp, such as rising and penetrating, and you will need to distinguish between them/ Knowledge and experience are what sets a damp expert out from their competitors so the more you know, the better.

Treat damp safely

Your client will obviously want you to treat the problem as quickly as possible but it is more important to carry out the work safely. There are many safety regulations out there and it is essential that you follow them at all times. Setting realistic time-frames will help with your customer’s expectations while allowing you to treat the damp, condensation or mould safely.

Give prevention advice

Once you have effectively treated the problem, you should then offer advice when it comes to prevention. This could include better ventilation, like opening windows and doors regularly, or improving the building’s insulation.

Using the best products

As a damp expert, it is your responsibility to use only the very best treatments. Dampkits have a wide range available, including paint additives, eradication kits, floor coatings and basement membrane. Which one you need will depend on the type of problem you are treating, which should be clear after you have assessed the building.

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