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December 18th, 2015

Are Damp and Condensation Damaging the Structure of your Home?

We make sure that people are aware of the dangers of mould and condensation in their homes for health reasons, but they can also damage the very structure of your home. Plaster, paint and wood work can all be easily replaced on the surface, but the real danger is when damp and mould penetrates into the very materials which are holding your house together.

Structural problems within a house caused by mould and damp are not ones which you can run away from, and if left can require serious amounts of money to rectify. Damage to the visible and hidden parts of your home can cause the resale value of your home to suffer and will be found in structural surveys.

Structural damage to your house can be caused by a few factors, including issues with damp courses, damp proofing, or your insulation in your walls and loft space.

Ensuring that your damp proofing and damp course is effective and complete is the best way to stop the incursion of moisture into your home. Coupled with good practices and making sure moisture can escape, you can be safe from the structural damage caused by mould and damp.

Using the wrong insulation in your wall cavities and roofing can cause moisture to gather, basically making your existing damp course hold in the moisture, rather than stopping it getting in in the first place.

It is worth checking your insulation regularly, particularly at this time of year, with increased activity in your home due to cooking, heating and other sources of water. If you are unsure whether your insulation is right for the rest of your house, get in touch with your local expert. If you need to improve or update your damp proofing, make sure that you use the products available from us here at Damp Kits.

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