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July 22nd, 2015

BBC Documentary Shows the dangers of mould

A recent BBC documentary has highlighted the impacts of living with mould and how it can affect the health of building occupants.

With those most at risk being the elderly, the very young and those with pre-existing medical conditions, it is important to know who is most at risk. A five week old baby who was living with their parents in rented accommodation started to suffer from a constant cough and runny nose.

After more serious ailments were ruled out, it was confirmed that the baby was actually suffering from a bacterial infection which had been contracted through exposure to dangerous levels of mould. Fortunately in this case, the child made a full recovery and the family was re-housed.

The programme also showed the case of a 10 year old boy in Northumberland who was suffering from asthma like symptoms. As mould was determined to be the factor causing the irritation, the child’s parents invited the BBC to carry out some tests in the child’s bedroom.

The highest build-up of spores was located underneath the child’s bed along the skirting board, so the analysis started there.

Under normal circumstances the count for spores within a room would be around 500-1000, but in the room in question, the spore count came out at 1468 when the room was unoccupied. This isn’t overly dangerous, but is still outside of normal limits. However, when the room was occupied with the child playing in it, the spore count went up to 3205, which is a staggering amount – particularly for within an enclosed space such as a child’s bedroom.

Once this damp issue was identified, steps were taken to eradicate the problem. A ventilation system was installed in the loft, as well as new carpets and furniture being installed to remove the existing spores.

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