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April 23rd, 2015

Cavity Wall Insulation Mis-selling Scandal Creating Damp Issues

Over the past few years there have been numerous examples of cavity wall insulation installations gone wrong. Through high targets, unscrupulous selling techniques and bad installations, many people have had cavity wall insulation where it isn’t appropriate, which has led to a large number of damp issues across the country.

Many of the issues have arisen from doorstep cold callers, who are salesmen, rather than building experts who can tell when a building is suitable or not. Even once the product has been sold, many building companies have gone ahead with the insulation, despite them knowing that a house may not be suitable.

Different properties rely on different building methods, and this is the same for cavity wall insulation. There are many variables which come into play:

– Proximity to the coast

– Internal heating methods

– Existing insulation

– Construction methods

…and many more. If you do not get asked about the structure of your property when getting checked for damp, then you should make sure that the surveyor is aware.

Through this installation of insulation in unsuitable properties, a plague of damp problems has appeared in houses which had not suffered before, or which have had treatments rendered useless.

Through reduced internal circulation of air throughout a property, lateral and penetrating damp can become a real issue. With additional insulation in the roof of a building, the reduced air circulation effectively holds in the numerous litres of water which are in the air as vapour from breathing, cooking and numerous other activities.

Hopefully your property will not have had damaging cavity wall insulation – damaging being the key, because not all installations can cause these problems. When you are having a damp survey, or if you start to notice damp issues, it is a good idea to keep this in mind and alert the person doing the survey.

You can be sure that the products available from Damp Kits, such as our rising damp solutions and surface treatments will perform well and help your property remain damp free. If you are unfortunate enough to have installed insulation incorrectly, then this may have to be removed to ensure effective damp treatment.

If you think that your cavity wall insulation is creating a damp problem, get in touch with your local surveyor for further help.

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