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July 8th, 2015

damp and leaks costly to heating bills

According to figures for housing and heating bills across Europe, homes in the UK are the most expensive to heat. This is mostly due to poor maintenance and insulation – often due to damp walls, leaking roofs and rotting windows.

Analysis of a dozen comparable EU nations, including the UK, shows that the UK has the highest level of fuel poverty, as well as one of the highest levels of homes suffering from disrepair. This is an estimated 10 million British families who are living in a home with damp or structural issues.

The data was compiled by the Association for the Conservation of Energy from official EU data and compares countries with similar climates and income levels. The UK ranked 12th (bottom) for fuel poverty, 11th for the proportion of income spent on energy bills and 9th for homes in a poor state of repair.

This is undoubtedly due to the large proportion of older buildings, with over half of the buildings in the UK being built before 1960 and just over 10% being built in the last 25 years. These older homes are much harder to keep warm, even when compared to countries with much colder climates, such as Finland and Sweden.

It is important when building new houses, or when renovating older ones to keep the impacts of heating and energy conservation in mind. With the effective damp proofing treatments we have on offer, you can ensure that damp, condensation and mould is not a contributing factor to increased energy bills and possible health problems.

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