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February 6th, 2015

Damp Problems Outside The Home

Mould and damp issues can occur in a wide range of buildings, not just old houses. You should always be aware of the possibility of damp becoming a problem – especially during winter when the temperature difference is greatest between inside and outside.


Being separate to houses, out buildings such as workshops and garages can sometimes lack in terms of build quality. They should not be neglected though, as they often have expensive tools, equipment, vehicles and a range of other items which can deteriorate when subjected to damp. These areas are often left for long periods of time as well, which can mean that the areas can get very hot or cold without ventilation, which creates the most desirable circumstances for mould to spread. You should give your out buildings the same care as you would your house to maintain the best conditions.


If you are a business owner, it is important to ensure that your supply chain is kept in order. This doesn’t just mean delivery on time and at the right price, you have to ensure that products are in the best condition for you and your end customers. Depending on the build of your warehouse and what is stored, it can be at risk of mould and damp problems. You have to ensure that areas are properly ventilated and the correct temperatures are maintained to stop the occurrence of damp.


Yes, castles. Apparently even the mightiest structures can be at risk to mould and damp problems. According to Durham University, Durham Castle is suffering from a damp problem which needs to be rectified to ensure that the 900 year old monument stands the test of time. You can find out more in this article.

So if you are looking to solve a damp issue, you can find exactly what you need from us here to ensure that it doesn’t get any worse. More heavy duty measures may be needed in extreme cases, but if your castle (figuratively!) is suffering, ensure that you get it fixed straight away.

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