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May 20th, 2015

Damp tops the list of house hunting turn offs

If you are looking to buy are house you will want to know what to consider when looking around – and this is important to know when you are selling as well.

A recent study shows that one of the main concerns with the actual structure and look of a house is the possibility of damp problems – either apparent now, or in the future. Aside from the obvious limitations such as location and price, the risk of damp is an issue for 67% of those surveyed.

With damp being the main issue, other structural factors including poor maintenance, wooden windows and the lack of a garden are all negatives for house buyers.

“If you’re looking to sell your home it’s important to make sure it’s well presented, both inside and out, to make it as appealing as possible to would be buyers. Buying a home is a big financial commitment and most house hunters will want to think that the property they’re buying has been well looked after by its current owners.” said Ben Wilson of Gocompare home insurance.

“Damp can be expensive to repair and may be an indication of a costly problem with a property such as a leaking roof. Unfinished or badly carried out work can be expensive to remedy and can detract from the value of a property as well as deterring potential buyers.” he pointed out.

It may not be obvious if you are living with damp or mould, but the tell-tale smell can be easily noticed by people looking around your house, even if damp damage is not visible. As well as making sure that your house is clean and tidy, you should make sure that it is protected from damaging conditions such as damp. Getting damp treatments from your local specialist can be a relatively small outlay which can help you sell your house quicker and for the price you want.

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