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May 20th, 2016

Dealing with Damp; What You Need to Know

Millions of homes throughout the UK are affected with damp each year, making it one of the most common problems that people have to deal with. If you find damp in your property, you might not be sure of the best thing to do. It is absolutely essential that you contact an expert as soon as can, if you want to avoid costly damages and serious health problems that can come as a result of exposure to damp.

What is damp?

Damp is when unwanted moisture enters your home through walls, windows and floors. It can be caused by many things, such as condensation, faulty windows or poor ventilation.

There are 3 types of damp; the first of which is rising damp. This occurs when groundwater travels up through the wall and caused a problem when the damp proof barrier is missing. If you spot damaged skirting boards or carpets, salt stains on your walls or peeling wallpaper, you are probably experiencing rising damp.

The next type of damp is penetrating damp. When the structure of the building is not adequate, it allows water to leak through the walls. Watch out for damp patches on surfaces that worsen when it rains, as this is the most common sign of penetrating damp.

And finally, the most common cause of damp; condensation. When moisture is trapped in the air and has nowhere to go, it creates condensation. Over time this will cause damp to develop. You may notice moisture droplets and the formation of mould in your home if condensation is present. There are many preventative measures that you can take avoid this problem, such as opening windows when cooking, taking showers and doing other steamy-producing activities.

How do I treat it?

No matter what type of damp is affecting your home, you will need to hire a professional to help you. They will have the expertise to diagnose the damp and treat it effectively, so that you can fix the problem as quickly as possible. There are a wide range of treatments available, including wall membrane installations, damp proofing injections and floor coatings. You can see all of the products that we have available here.

If you have any questions or would like advice, please contact the Dampkits team directly. You can call 0845 4006666 or email


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