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February 27th, 2015

The Hidden Functions in your Walls

Similar to most things within the construction trade, a simple wall will often get overlooked, but it performs a multitude of functions – some less obvious than others. In addition to keeping you safe, warm and dry, walls which are free of damp can help you maintain the temperature within your house and help you with your health.

Walls work as a great barrier between you and the exterior climate by helping stabilise the temperature of your home across the whole day. Walls retain heat throughout the day and then radiate this throughout the night into the interior of your house. By the time the heat of the day is back, your walls will have dispersed this stored up heat and can help keep you cool. This cycle is great for helping utilise the natural heat outside your home and encouraging energy efficiency.

This is related to damp proofing directly, as damp walls cannot function correctly in this manner. When walls are infested with damp, the heat retention capabilities are removed. The heat which is absorbed goes into drying out the wall rather than maintaining heat. When colder weather occurs again, the already cold walls get rapidly cooled down by the encroaching damp.

The correct damp treatment can help maintain the full function of your walls, giving you improved air quality and ensuring that the temperature within your home is easier to maintain.

Damp problems can have a wide range of causes, so making sure that you solve the right problem is essential to the longevity of your property and key to getting the best results. With our range of kits and treatments you can easily find the right method to solve your issue.

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