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August 19th, 2016

Condensation; How to Fix It

Have you noticed excess moisture in your home or work environment? Condensation is an extremely common problem and the majority of people will experience it at some point or other. The most important thing is that you treat it quickly and thoroughly if you want to avoid more serious problems in the future.

Here are Dampkit’s top tips for treating condensation.

Find out why it’s happening

Firstly, you will need to find out exactly what it is that is causing the condensation. This could a be a number of things, from poor insulation to faulty gutters and roofs. If it is due to a problem with the structure of the building, this will need to be addressed immediately. Ventilation is another thing that plays a part and if it isn’t done properly, this could end up causing condensation.

Treat any other problems

If damp and mould is present, you will also need to think about the best way to treat them. There are many types of products out there to help you, including floor coatings, paint additive and eradication kits. It’s always best to consult a professional before making any purchasing decision, as they will know which one is right for you.

Make sure it happens again

Prevention is one of the most important steps and you should incorporate it into your everyday life. This should include opening windows when cooking, showering and drying clothes, as well as turning on extractor fans when possible as these simple tasks will help to control moisture. Preventing condensation will stop damp and mould in the future, which will save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds that it would cost to rid your home of these problems.

If you would like advice from the experts or have any questions about condensation, we would be more than happy to help. Please call 0845 4006666 or email to speak to a member of the team.

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