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October 23rd, 2015

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

The UK is starting to get a lot colder meaning that winter is definitely on its way! Because there is such a contrast between the warm indoors and low temperatures outside, you will notice a lot more condensation appearing in your home. It is essential that you take to steps to prevent this from building up in the next few months, if you want avoid problems such as damp and mould.

Damp and mould are two of the most common household problems which can leave permanent damage on your home. They can also cause health problems, such as respiratory conditions, breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. The elderly, children and those with weak immune systems are the ones most at risk of becoming ill, so if you live with anyone who falls into these categories, you will need to pay extra attention to condensation during winter.

Cooking, showering and drying clothes indoor can all contribute to excess moisture in the home. When doing these activities, you should turn on your extractor fans which will help to improve ventilation in the room. You should also try to open windows to let in fresh air each day. If you find it too cold during winter, open the windows in rooms you aren’t using and shut doors to conserve heat. Alternatively, you could invest in a dehumidifier, which aims to reduce the moisture which is present in the air.

If you notice that condensation has caused damp or mould in your home, it is essential to act quickly. There are a wide range of treatments available, including paint additives, eradication kits and floor coating. For further information on the products we have available, please contact us directly.

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