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May 8th, 2015

Landlord Fines Hit The News

A landlord of a property in Margate has been fined £3,000 recently for failing to improve a damp issue in a flat, showing the importance of preventative measures and keeping damp out of your property.

Improvement notices were served to the landlord after Thanet council visited the property and found serious mould and damp problems. These issues were deemed to be serious health and safety hazards for the tenant.

In this particular case, the damp issue originated from a defective roof installation, causing severe damp penetration, mould growth as well as insufficient fire precautions.

Notices were served by the local council stating that repairs were required to the roof and damaged areas, as well as fire safety improvements. Despite this, when officers returned, the work had not been completed and further communications were ignored.

This shows that there is room for manoeuvre in situations like this. When work is completed within the deadlines stated, large fines can be avoided and work will continue to protect properties into the future. If reasonable excuse is given, deadlines can also be extended, but when this is ignored, it invariably leads to fines for the landlord involved. Work was eventually undertaken, but only after legal proceedings had commenced.

To save yourself time and hassle, the best measure is preventative damp treatments, rather than waiting until the problem has increased. If you are a landlord, it is vital to make regular inspections of properties to find any issues early.

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