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July 17th, 2015

Mackintosh’s Hill House Masterpiece Threatened by Damp

The Hill House in Helensburgh, one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s architectural masterpieces, is under threat. After over a century of existence, first as an ancestral home to the Blackie family, and then from 1982 in the care of the National Trust for Scotland, this monument to Scottish architecture faces a serious problem.

The threat is so dire, in fact, that the National Trust for Scotland has said it will need £2.5 million to adequately see it off.

The culprit? Who else but damp.

The building was unfortunately not constructed with traditional weathering material, which means that over the years rainfall and groundwater have been making their slow but steady way into the very fabric of the house. And now that fabric is in danger of crumbling.

Some efforts have already been made to save the ailing building – chimneys have been rebuilt, the roof restored – but ultimately a more permanent solution is needed to combat the moisture ingress which has gone unchecked for so many years.

To lose the Hill House would be a great blow. It is widely recognised as Mackintosh’s domestic masterpiece, and with good reason. Not only is it an elegant addition to the landscape, it also served a truly functional purpose as a family home which was lived in and enjoyed for many years. Mackintosh’s eye for interior design as well as architecture can be seen in the furnishing and fittings of the house, which he personally designed.

The threat to this old, beloved building just goes to show that damp can sneak into all sorts of environments, and can be working away beneath our very noses the entire time. Though damp is a serious threat, it can be dealt with. Getting a prospective purchase in the property market inspected for damp has become common practise, and we are now more informed than ever about the hows, whats, wheres and whys of damp, which leaves us in the perfect position to eliminate this threat from our homes and workplaces.

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