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December 3rd, 2015

Safeguarding Your Home

Making sure your property gets through the winter can be just a matter of making sure your boiler keeps the frost away, of it could mean keeping the mould and damp away from your home.

Although damp in homes can affect all areas of the United Kingdom, but some are more susceptible than others. Whilst it is more common to find damp problems in the more exposed and wetter parts of the country, any areas can suffer from poorly built homes and buildings.

Obviously, standing water accumulation can get around your damp course and cause damage within the walls themselves.

If you live in areas where flooding occurs, it could damage the structure of your home without you seeing. Aside from obvious damage where flood and waste water get inside your home, water against the outside of the property can cause issues further down the line. This may not be an immediate concern to those who have direct damage from flooding, but looking back after the clear up, you should consider the possible structural damage.

Making sure that your property gets through winter and any harsh weather is vitally important, as each winter takes its toll on the structure.

When building a house, renovating property, repairing the structure or simply eliminating your existing damp problems, make sure that you use the products from us here at No More Damp.

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