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April 29th, 2016

The 2 Best Ways to Reduce Condensation in Your Home

If you have noticed condensation in your home, you aren’t alone! Millions of households in the UK have been affected by this problem and it is something which is often ignored. If you don’t deal with condensation straight away, you could end up with more serious problems like damp and mould. Not only will these cost you hundreds or even thousands in repairs but they can also cause a number of illnesses.

Here are the 2 best ways to reduce condensation in your home.


One of the most effective ways to control condensation is to ventilate your property. This means opening windows and doors regularly, especially if you are doing activities that produce steam like showering and cooking. It is also a good idea to turn on extractors fans if possible, which will allow cool air to move around your home and prevent the build-up of moisture.

Stop drying clothes indoors

Every wash and dry cycle that you do releases around two litres of water into the air, inevitably creating condensation. If you have a garden or other outdoor area, you should use this space to dry your clothes. The weather doesn’t always allow you to do this, especially if you live in Britain, so it might be worth investing in a dehumidifier. These appliances reduce the level of humidity in the air, helping to keep condensation under control.

If condensation does turn into damp and mould, it is essential that you act quickly. We have an extensive range of treatments available, from paint additives and floor coating, to eradication and damp proofing kits. For more information, please call 0845 400 6666 or visit the products page on our website.

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