The Benefits

Insurance Backed Guarantees

cgs-logoWykamol Group give you the peace of mind that when you request an insurance backed guarantee, the Wykamol Approved Contractor who contacts you will be able to offer you a guarantee from CGS.

Sticking a pin into a phone book gives you a 20-1 chance of finding a contractor good enough to be backed by an insurance company authorised and regulated by the FSA.

But if gambling with your house is not your thing and you prefer competence over cowboys then choose a CGS Approved Contractor. CGS offer insured guarantees with the insurance certificate specific to your property and issued by an FSA authorised and regulated UK insurance company. 70% of all companies go out of business within 20 years and though CGS contractors are considerably below the national average because of the quality of the contractors allowed into membership, for a very small one-off premium you can insure against even this eventuality.

Warning: some companies offer “Insurance Backed Guarantees” but all this indicates is an annual insurance by the guarantee company, with the insurance in the name of that company not your house and if it is not paid annually then it collapses.

When comparing quotes, check what you are getting and ask competing contractors which of these they can offer (if any).

  1. Actual Insurance Period 20 years
  2. Independently checked for Technical Competence
  3. Health & Safety Competence and Financial Stability
  4. Underwriter Authorised and Regulated by the FSA
  5. Access to the Financial Ombudsman Service
  6. INSURANCE Certificate for EACH property
  7. Security of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  8. NHBC & Zurich Approved
  9. Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) applied (as required by law for all genuine insurance)
  10. Automatic free assignment on sale of property
  11. Protection against contractor failure for any reason


Wykamol likes teaching builders new skills and the preservation and waterproofing industry is no exception.

We are able to offer on site training and site visits to determine problems with dampness and rot and also looking at basement conversions or new builds. We can also offer structural repair solutions for wall ties and crack stitching.

We also offer training courses (classroom based), which come in a variety of courses as mentioned below.

We can take a contractor through our approval scheme and then we are able to offer them insurance backed guarantees through construction guarantee services, a unique scheme for independent guarantees for the building industry.

Please call us on 0845 400 6666 or contact your local merchant and we can arrange training to suit your needs.


This course is designed to provide an introduction for those pursuing a career in Damp & Timber remedial treatments. It aims to help the contractor to decide which technical products to select.

Duration: 2 day 9am – 5pm


This course is designed to provide an introduction for those pursuing a career in the installation of remedial wall ties and masonry stabilisation techniques by the use of crack stitching and lateral restraint methods.

Duration: ½ day 8.30am – 12pm (theory) & ½ day (practical site based)


This course is designed to provide an introduction for those pursuing a career in the installation of Wykamol Structural Waterproofing techniques, making sure Contractors are compliant to British Standard 8102 (2009 revised) for Converting basements and earth retaining walls to Grade 3 (habitable use). Understanding the various grades of BS8102 and risk assessments.

Duration: Full day 8.30am – 5pm.

All course are suitable for: Start up contractors, contractors establishing a product link to Wykamol products and specifications via tenders.
Certification: Certificate of attendance and Wykamol ID card subject to CGS membership.