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June 27th, 2014

What is Damp?

What is rising damp?

Rising damp is a major problem in some older buildings and is described as the upward movement of ground water through permeable masonry walls. The water rises through the pores in the masonry wall via a process called capillarity. The structure of water molecules enable them to move upwards through the pores against the force of gravity.

What is a damp proof course?

There are two main types of damp proof course . The first is an impervious barrier, usually included during the construction of a building. The second is a remedial chemical damp proof course which is added after the building is constructed and is normally applied along the base of walls that are suffering from the effects of rising damp.

How do I stop condensation?

Stopping condensation is very difficult but you can reduce its affects by increasing ventilation, avoid drying cloths on radiators, reduce over boiling the kettle or pans of water and open the windows a little when having a bath or shower.

How do I get rid of the mould?

Painted surfaces can be treated with mould remover and a fungicidal wash to remove mould and get rid of fungi. Anti-mould paints are available, though it is often more cost effective to supplement standard emulsions with a DIY fungicidal paint additive to protect against further mould growth.

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