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February 12th, 2016

What makes your cellar damp?

Damp in cellars and basements is arguably the most common issue when it comes to damp. Don’t let this versatile room in your house be ruined by damp, get your cellar damp fixed.

Cellar Issues

Due to their very nature, cellars and basements are at greater risk of damp issues compared to the rest of a building. Being below ground, in an enclosed area and nearer – if not below – the water table means they are under much greater pressure from surrounding water.

During periods of heavy rain or flooding, the pressure on basement walls is greater and can increase the risk of damp and condensation. This is a greater problem in basements compared to other rooms, because ventilating them is much more difficult, multiplying the problems.

As well as being generally more susceptible to damp, cellars are often neglected and suffer from inferior build quality. This is often solely due to the age and lack of use of cellars when compared to the rest of a building. Other problems can also include failures in existing damp courses, or ineffective methods which ultimately lead to problems.

The Solution

If you are unsure about your problems, the first step is to consult a damp specialist. A fully qualified and experienced surveyor will be able to easily isolate the issue and help recommend the best course of action. With the wide variety of problems which can cause basement damp, it is a bad idea to try and correct the issues yourself, as a badly completed job can lead to more issues further down the line.

Often the best solution is basement waterproofing and drywall lining systems. By applying a water proof coating all around the basement, moisture will not be able to get in through the walls. Of course, you will need to keep a good practice of ventilation in the basement, just like you do the rest of your home, ensuring the best conditions.

When damp problems are more extensive, alternative solutions may be required. Pump-operated drainage systems are a drastic solution, but if the problem is severe enough, this could be the best course of action. Whatever the problem and solution needed, consulting a professional is the first step in reclaiming an extra room on your house.

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