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October 16th, 2015

What You Need To Know About Condensation in the Home

If you own or develop properties, you will be all too familiar with household problems like condensation. Around 1 in 5 homes are affected in the UK and this number is growing rapidly. Here are a few things that you need to know about condensation!

What causes condensation?

When warm air comes into contact with a cold surface it produces excess moisture, otherwise known as condensation. If you don’t have efficient ventilation, condensation will build up and could develop into damp or mould. Activities such as cooking, showering and washing clothes will cause high levels of condensation. If you want to avoid condensation problems, you will need to open windows and use extractor fans to improve the ventilation.

Can condensation be harmful?

If a property is exposed to condensation for a long period of time, it will cause damp and mould. These can not only damage the home, but can also cause potentially serious health problems. Breathing difficulties and allergic reactions are just two of the health conditions that can be brought on by living in these conditions. Respiratory conditions such as asthma can also be worsened by damp and mould, which means that these people, as well as children and the elderly, are at high risk of getting ill.

How can you get rid of condensation?

As mentioned above, ventilation is essential for preventing excess moisture and condensation. If the problem has developed into damp or mould, you will need to invest in specialist products to treat them. These can include damp proofing kits, wall membrane, paint additives, floor coatings and eradication kits. Which treatments is best for you will depend on the type of damp and mould affecting the building and how badly the area is affected.

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