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August 17th, 2015

Worried About How Much Damp Could Cost You? How About £670,000?

That’s right – £670,000.

However, it does bear mentioning that this isn’t all in one house (there’d be more damp than house by that point). What’s actually happening is that a housing association in Newport has discovered that the council homes it took over in 2009 are rife with damp. The cost to fix these issues is prodigious, to say the least.

The problems started with the installation of cavity wall insulation. Now we’re not saying cavity wall insulation is bad, far from it. But for these particular homes it has caused some issues. Most of the properties in question were built in the 1930’s, and construction standards were different from what they are now. Specifically, the wall cavities in these homes are narrower than those in modern houses, and this is what has caused the issue.

Residents in these houses have been dealing with these damp issues for years – however the housing association is now responsible for fixing them. In some of the homes, the damp is so pervasive that the residents are having to be offered alternative accommodation whilst the work is carried out. Another expense to be shouldered by the housing association.

The situation is even worse for those residents who purchased their council homes under the Right to Buy scheme – they are now solely responsible for fixing the pervasive damp issues. The housing association is not responsible, so in reality the cost to fix the damp issues in all these 1930’s homes could be significantly higher than £670,000.

Whilst it’s not exactly fun to hear about damp in the news, it is important to be aware, and we feel that the fate of these Newport homes demonstrates just how dire the situation can become if left unchecked.

If you think you’re suffering from damp issues, contact a third party inspector to get the facts. Then, once you know what you’re dealing with, you can get the professionals in with confidence. Here at Damp Kits, we supply professional damp proofing products and surface treatments for builders. Contact us today to find out more.

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